Design Composition Checklist

1. Have you ordered the visual hierarchy for clarity?

2. Is the composition balanced?

3. Have you used alignment and correspondence to promote unity?

4. Have you arranged the composition to guide the viewer through the graphic space?

5. Have you employed contrast?

6. Have you created visual interest?

7. Does your arrangement seem stable?

8. Have you MENT it?

  • M: Midline-consider all graphic components in relatin to the format’s midline.

  • E: Edges-consider all graphic elements in rsponse to the format’s edges.

  • N: Negative shapes/space-consider all negative space.

  • T: Transitions-consider all transitions among graphic elements.

9. Does your composition facilitate communication?

-Graphic Design Solutions by Robin Linda Compositional Process Ch. 7,  p.155

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