Design Notes: Idea Generation

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  • Make a list of all the “wrong” design concepts for this assignment.

  • Using ink or digital pen and tablet, spontaneously draw type and an image so that they are inseperable; they should be intertwined and emblematic.

  • Identify one emotional conection you want the audience to make with the design.

  • Make an exquisite corpse!-oddly juxtaposed images created by a series of artists in the surrealist game Exquisite Cropse. A pice of art is sent bakc and forth, wiht each designer adding something to the collage-until they reach an agreed-upon finishing point.

(Graphic Design Solutions, 5th Edition, Chapter 4)

Personal notes:

I need to start an Exquisite Corpse experiment. And I’m pretty sure that was what we were doing at Simon’s dinner party last year…

Design Notebook: add and paste in inspiration, not just notes and sketches…or start a seperate inspiration notebook.

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