Organic Search Terms Gone. Future of SEO?

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On September 23, Google encrypted all organic search terms.

SEO has changed forever.

The Future of SEO?

“Whether we like it or not, Google’s encrypted search is here to stay. Complaining to Google about how unfair it is won’t make them change their stance because this was a security decision.

Now that Google has made the change to secure search, I wouldn’t be all that surprised if other search engines, such as Bing, also make a switch to encrypted search as well, meaning that small percentage of keyword data you are still getting from search engines will be reduced even further.

The abilities and role of an SEO have been changed dramatically. It will never be as easy to get the organic search data as it has been up to this point, with the possible exception of Google making a paid version of Google Analytics that does contain that missing (not provided) data.

It will be the SEO professionals who are able to adjust and compensate for the missing data who will win the rankings game in the end.”

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