New Blue and White MFA Boston


Although I went to the MFA  Boston last weekend to see Michelangelo’s sketches and some European Poster art, I was struck by this sumptuous display of New Blue and White.


“New Blue and White” explores the ways in which contemporary makers, working in ceramics as well as other media ranging from fiber to furniture to glass, have explored this rich body of material culture. An international selection of artists and designers is featured in the exhibition.

Blue-and-white porcelain has become one of the most recognized types of ceramic production worldwide. With roots in the Islamic world and Asia, and strong presence in Europe and the Americas, various cultures adapted blue-and-white, from the Willow pattern to isznik. Taking inspiration from global blue-and-white traditions, the exhibit features artists that continue the story, creating works that speak to contemporary ideas.

new blue and white pottery-mfa-june2013


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