Signs and Wonders- Como, Italy

Vacation: I finally discovered what all of the fuss was about. Tutored by a true master of leisure, the lake Como, I slowly unwound, discovering something marvelous about myself in the process; I am fully capable of having fun and of feeling the sentiment referred to as ‘happiness,’ and for a length of eight days!

Nestled into the foot of the mountains of Northern Italy, lake Como dazzles. My first thought upon seeing it was that I’d never, ever be able to capture it’s essence with my impotent camera lens. Scuttling across it by boat further deepened the truth that nothing short of placing oneself as tiny insect on wobbling wooden bucket upon said body would transmit the transcendent sense of scale; I the fleeting consciousness upon it’s immortal glassy pane.

And so…I didn’t even try.


It is also noted that the only images I was contributing to our group photo stream (a mob of a dozen or so brilliant friends descended upon the villa for eight days of three hour dinners and discourse under the Italian stars), were street signs and graffiti. Not hilarious hijinks on the wake boarding boat, not  sumptuous foods, not even a proper selfie. Here you have the images that I must needs collect; hand painted signs and designs graphique!

*A note on the ‘Save the Wall’ graffiti artist in Como old city- he was featured in NYT travel section: 36 Hours: Lake Como Italy.

  • IMG_1440
  • IMG_1441
  • Como Italy downtown mural MgMarkham Design Blog
  • IMG_1442
  • IMG_1457
  • IMG_1461
  • IMG_1462
  • IMG_1480
  • IMG_1580
  • IMG_1608
  • IMG_1609
  • IMG_1610
  • IMG_1612
  • IMG_1616
  • IMG_1618
  • IMG_1619
  • IMG_1620
  • IMG_1622
  • IMG_1624
  • IMG_1628
  • Como Italy fresco MgMarkham Design Blog
  • Como Italy church painting MgMarkham Design Blog
  • Como Italy church interior altar MgMarkham Design Blog
  • Como Italy church door MgMarkham Design Blog
  • Como Italy brass knocker MgMarkham Design Blog
  • Lake Como Italy MgMarkham Design Blog
  • Como Italy lake window MgMarkham Design Blog

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