The Comedy

The Comedy

I have to admit…I loved this film.  I’ve been accused before of liking movies where nothing…actually…happens…and I’m afraid it’s happened again.  The Comedy; yes, it’s aimless.  Yes, it’s a “fearless, incredible exhibition of tightly controlled, passive-aggressive rage turned in on itself.” – Steven Hyden

Yes.  It’s deconstructionist anti comedy. This is silent, passive aggressive nihilism, but it’s non violent.  These overweight, aging hipsters are a form of my America. And they aren’t raping, looting, or killing.  They’re beer dancing, wandering, urban golfing, and cut off from any sensation of meaning.  I like it.  It’s comforting. It’s pointless, and everything is still ok.

I think this film is about disconnection. I think it’s about the hopelessness that comes at the end of the rainbow, when you  have financial security handed to you, and you realize how meaningless that renders life.  Then you start to think about where it came from. (The money?  The life?)   Although I am a far cry from a trust funder, I still contemplate the chance that I was born in America, and I’m still quite aware of the illusions of necessity that I use to drive myself forward.  This film very carefully mocks the issues of racism, classism, sexism, and family bonds.  Many might find this film completely offensive.  I can’t help liking it.  It’s also beautifully shot, with excellent music choices, if you ask me.


Image from film, The Comedy, in which the guys goof around inside a catholic church.

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