HardCore Energy Drink

This logo & packaging design was created for HardCore energy drink cans.

September 18, 2014

  • Buzzer-Energy-Drink-Can
  • Concetp_HardCore_Energy Drink_Rhino
  • Concetp_HardCore_Energy Drink_Rhino4
  • Concetp_HardCore_Energy Drink_Rhino5
  • Concetp_HardCore_Energy Drink_Rhino2
  • Concetp_HardCore_Energy Drink_Rhino3


These designs were created¬†by invitation in HardCore Energy Drink’s logo & packaging design contest. The brief outlined a desire for a fun, modern look that incorporated a signature animal into the HardCore energy logo, look and theme. These variations all represent energy drink can packaging designs.

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