Poster Designs-Hillary for NH

Poster designs and prints donated to Main Street Nashua campaign headquarters- Hillary for America, June, 2015.

July 3, 2015

  • Hillary-Love_Outlined_NH
  • Hillary-Love_Outlined
  • Hillary Love-08
  • Hillary Love-07
  • Hillary-Love-02
  • Hillary Love-03
  • Hillary Love-09
  • Hillary Love-05
  • Hillary Love-10
  • Hillary Love-11
  • Hillary Love-12
  • Hillary Love-01
  • Hillary Love-04
  • Hillary Mock up
  • Hillary Love-14

This collection of poster designs combine MG Markham Design’s New Hampshire inspired creativity with various adaptations from presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign website, and. All posters designed and printed for Main Street campaign headquarters in Nashua, New Hampshire printed and donated June, 2015.

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